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Version: 0.1.x

Get Started

Install Swiper via npm or yarn:

$ npm install tiny-swiper --save
$ yarn add tiny-swiper

If you prefer CDN, just make sure constructor Swiper is defined in browser global environment.

<script src=""></script>

Html code:

<!-- Slider main container -->
<div class="swiper-container">
    <!-- Additional required wrapper -->
    <div class="swiper-wrapper">
        <!-- Slides -->
        <div class="swiper-slide">Slide 1</div>
        <div class="swiper-slide">Slide 2</div>
        <div class="swiper-slide">Slide 3</div>
    <!-- If we need pagination -->
    <div class="swiper-pagination"></div>

JavaScript/TypeScript code:

import Swiper, {
} from 'tiny-swiper'

Swiper.use([ SwiperPluginLazyload, SwiperPluginPagination ])

const swiper = new Swiper(swiperContainer: HTMLElement | string, parameters?: TinySwiperParameters)
  • new Swiper() - initialize swiper with options.
  • Swiper.use() - Register plugin.
  • swiperContainer - HTMLElement or string (with CSS Selector) of swiper container HTML element. Required.
  • parameters - object with Swiper parameters. Optional.

You also can load full-featured Tiny-Swiper:

import Swiper from 'tiny-swiper/lib/index.full.js'
<script src=""></script>